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You’ll need replacement foosball table parts and accessories like men and rods to fix and repair a Tornado, Halex, Sportcraft, Harvard, Wilson or other brand named tournament or coin-op foosball table. Some normal parts that need repairing or replacing are foosball bearings, rods, handles, men, scoring units, ash trays, table legs, and of course missing or cracked balls. All these foosball table parts can be easily found and bought online to get discounts on foosball parts on sale.

foosball table partsThere are replacement foosball parts for everything that could possibly break or be replaced in a foosball table unit. This even includes ball return liners, ball slot trays and even stickers and decorations. There are many people who love to play foosball and play hard, so it isn’t a surprise that so many pieces and replacement items are available for purchase. All the top brand names like the ones mentioned above and those like Dynamo, Economy, Carrom, and more have sets of repair kits and parts available to renew the life of your beloved foosball table.

A popular thing to be fixed or changed are foosball men when it comes to foosball table parts replacement. These are made quite solid and of thick plastic, but with the right force and wear over time, these can crack. There are some main things to consider when choosing foosball table men. There are three main types which include club-toe, knife-blade foot and hybrid foot. Different companies used different types. But, when replacing, you can use the one that you prefer. Then there is rod hole size. The generally accepted sizes are 5/8”, 1/2” and 9/16”. Most companies use 5/8”, but some like Tornado and Dynamo use 9/16” size foosball table rods as their preferred part size. If you don’t know, measuring is the easiest way to go or review your manual. Other than these facts, you can choose the design of the men.

Foosball Table Parts and Accessories

Another important foosball table part that you may find yourself having to replace are foosball rods. These are important because the game really depends on them to control the men, balls, movements, scoring and everything else. These rods come in the sizes mentioned above with the majority being 5/8 inch rods. You can also buy end caps for them or use the existing ones. There are two main types which include solid rods and hallow rods. The hallow rods are lighter and made for speed. You can choose which type depending on your needs.

The most easily misplaced thing among foosball table parts is of course the foosballs themselves. The table soccer balls are small and sometimes when hit hard can bounce out and roll under tables, cabinets and get stuck in hard to reach places. This is why having a lot of spare ones standing by is a great idea. You never know when you’ll need one. In some situations, balls will crack under extreme force of a hit or may break when it hits the side wall or back of the goal. I’m sure you’ve had a ball break, crushed or just lost in the past. Of the replacement foosball balls, you can go with the brand of the table you bought or get aftermarket ones. This is generally a personal preference. Some leagues and tournaments have official balls, so practicing with those may be a good idea if that’s what you’re working towards. But you can choose from checkered balls that look like soccer balls that are the standard pentagon and hexagon shapes on them or you can go with cork and smooth balls as well as textured foosballs which people are starting to like. Ask around and you won’t get a straight answer about what people think is the best ball, but for sure, smooth foosballs are slick and fast while cork offers control and lower sound levels if that’s what you’re after. Either way, get a set of replacement balls that suits your playing style.

Some often overlooked parts include the playfield itself. After years of use, you may need to install new corner rise and half trim strips or a whole new paper playfield for which you’ll also need playfield adhesive. All these are available online for you to revamp your foosball table. Another thing that ages overtime is the scoring units. There are generic styles or the popular garlando style. Other popular brands include Deautscher Meister, Rene Pierre, Escalade and of course the big names like Tornado. You can buy the whole scoring assembly or just the pole or numbers only. Other minute things like special screws and bolts can be bought as well as cabinet parts if you’re really doing a big over haul. Retailers and wholesalers know that people love their foosball tables and have made almost all the replacement foosball table parts available for purchase online.

Some miscellaneous parts for foosball tables include roll pins which attach the men to the rods. Another tool that is useful is a roll pin punch. This makes installing and removing foosball men much easier. If you are a tournament player or play professionally, you’ll want a rod lock to keep the men in place and stops them from moving. Other random foosball accessories include wooden handle grips, handle wraps and rosin duster bags. These are help to increase grip and keep players hands dry.

As you can see, there are so many parts that make up a foosball table. There are even tools to level a table like the Tornado foosball leveling foot. To protect your floors, you can get rubber leg shims. Things like cleaning kits and silicone to clean and lubricate a table is important for long term health of a foosball table. A little lubricant in the bearings of a table can make a big difference in smooth game play.

Popular Foosball Table Parts - Men, Bearing & Rods

If you need to replace or repair an existing table, check out all the products and articles featured here on our site and find what you need to bring your foosball table back to life. Find the spare parts and accessories that you need shouldn’t be a hassle. Check out all our featured foosball table parts for sale now and save money while you’re at it.

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